When Was My Last - By BigSprocket

Keep Track of Life’s Important Events

When was your last tetanus shot? Oil change? Dental cleaning? Job performance review? We need to remember -- and possibly be reminded of -- lots of life events, but the built-in Calendar isn’t the ideal app for this sort of thing.

When Was My Last sits at the intersection of the built-in Calendar app and Reminders app. When an event happens, just quickly enter it into the app. Tag it (with whatever tags you like) so it’s easy to recall later. If you need a reminder, just tell it when.

When a doctor asks you when you last had a tetanus shot, you want to know the answer. And, you don’t want to forget to spit-shine your Hummel figurines every month. You need this app.

At only 99ยข, it’s much cheaper than the tip you're going to leave for that haircut it’s going to remind you to get.

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  • “ OMG, now I won’t forget to change the oil in my car anymore! ”
  • “ I have needed this app for years. ”
  • “ Looks great! Very much like what Apple would have done. ”

Never Forget An Event

Enter all your events, whether they need reminders or not (who needs a reminder to get a tetanus shot?) and find them easily, as needed. If you need a reminder, just say so, and you’ll get one. Easy.

Reminders The Human Way

Most of the time, when we want to be reminded of something, we think of it in fuzzy human terms. “6 weeks”, “3 months”, etc. Who wants to do math to figure out where that really falls? Enter your reminder dates the fuzzy way, and let the app do the calendar math for you.

Reminds You To Use It

There are plenty of things you should track, but when they’re happening, you’re probably too busy to enter them. Periodically, the app will ask if anything interesting/trackable has happened, so you can make sure not to miss important events. A tickler, if you will. And, you choose what days/time to get tickled. As it should be.

Use it Your Way

You pick the events. You pick the tags. You pick the reminder times. We don’t force you into anything. It’s your app, man. Use it how you like!

Designed For iOS 7

Fully embraces the Apple aesthetic. We like to think this is how the app would look if Apple made it. Supports Dynamic Type and Voice Over for the visually impaired.

Speak Your Language

Localized in Spanish, French and German. Other languages are on the way.